We have to ask ourselves how can journalists like Anna Polikpvskaya best be encouraged and protected?

Anna Polikpvskaya was many a few journalists been killed since 1992. n 2006, Anna was  found dead  n her apartment, her death was caused by a shot in the head. Also her defender Natalia Estemirova a colleague of Anna was kidnapped in 2009 and murdered in Grozny. However 7 years later her family are no where near knowing the truth about her death.  In 2007 the President Vladimir Putin promised they will protect journalists from danger . Putin’s remarks on Politkovskaya were in contrast to his first reaction to her killing, where he played down on the significance of her works. He quoted  ” her influence on political life in Russia was minimal.”

it’s brilliant Russia is going to encourage and protect journalists but what about the rest of the journalists around the world?  In an article Centre for Freedom of the Media,2015, talk about UN and all the other countries Council adopts  resolution on protection of journalists as civilians. The article talks about how strongly condemning impunity for attacks on journalists is greatly increased globally.  90 per cent of crimes against journalist went unprotected.  Also” 150 journalist and 170 non professional  were languishing prison simply for doing their job.” The Council stress about how mix  between common aspiration  and divergent interest for the sake of the peace. They have also spoke about how  journalist  operate with different independent witnesses was shrinking, this is partly because Governments and  terrorist group  could call Bypass to  put their own controlled message directly on line instead of the article which has been written.

However for journalists to be protected and encouraged without looking over the shoulder to some degree. The Council have said ”peacekeeping operations and special political missions, where mandated, can make to international efforts to promote and protect human rights, and the protection of civilians, including journalists, media professionals, and associated personnel. ” This is by including monitoring and reporting on violations and abuses. By providing support for national Governments to make an effort to promote and protect human rights and in order to strengthen the fight against impunity for crimes committed against journalists, media professionals, and associated personnel.

This will be one step forward to helping journalist be encouraged and protected whilst processing there careers. By promoting and protect human rights. By believing in the council, journalist will have a chance to feel safe and move on with there career.







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