When it comes to journalism where do we draw the lines between the press intrusion and privacy? There are laws in place for trespassing and freedom of speech to a certain extent  but what is the law for paparazzi. Daniel J.Solove (2014) explains about paparazzi were harassing Jennifer Lawrence or any other kind of celebrity from taking photos without them knowing and following them everywhere they go. Lawrence speaks about how her goal is to make it  illegal to buy, post and shop photo that’s been obtained legally.  For example one of the paparazzi decided to jump Lawrence fence and took a picture through her window of her naked, the photo has been uploaded all over the internet the next day and  all around the globe.

However, where do we even draw the line to respecting celebrities and letting journalist keep their career. Joshua Rozenberg,2005, spoke about ” Drawing a line between justified and unjustified intrusion places great stresses on our legal traditions: some judges favour stretching existing laws to help deserving victims, whilst others feel it would be more honest simply to recognize privacy as a new human right.” (P.1)

When we look at the journalist drawing a line between justified and unjustified intrusion places enormous stresses on our legal traditions. Owen Bowcott,2011,   spoke about how there was a massive debate amongst the Politicians and  Judges from the Ministry of Justice. The Politicians has come to turns that we need to create a legislative framework, governing intrusions on privacy by having warrants and phones taps.

Even though the government inquires a need for privacy legislations but the Commons culture, and media press standards, privacy and libel in February 2010  did not support the need for legislations. Opponents fear that privacy law would only set out broad principles, even the judges will still have a hard time working on individual cases and it will still be a very tricky task to the courts.   Lord Lester explain that a Privacy Act would probably do little more than codify the existing convention. However, Baroness Buscombe the chairmen of The Press Complaints Commission said ” Privacy law could not work,  in a world where technology is always ahead of the law.’

By understanding the fact the law is helping celebrities to a certain extent and trying to improve the law system to help celebrities feel safe and keeping the journalists jobs but technology plays a huge part still.


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