In today’s society we have to ask our self is it true that ”we are all journalists now?”  We have to consider the possibility technology is a huge part of our discussion in answering the question. Has the technology made us all journalists now and do we need a degree?

Rosenblum,2015, explains technology is constantly changing all around the globe. In the 20th century,  only a select few people who call themselves journalist because printing press or radio or TV were both complicated and expensive. Some individuals  called themselves professional journalist but didn’t think they were better than anyone else, it was due to the fact technology could or would allow them to go.

However from the 20th century to the 21st century,  in a blink of an eye we got the internet all around us. We do not have to pay for it either, which is great. The fact by a click of the finger we go on our mobile phones and the web by using social media. We can upload post blogs and YouTube videos all around the globe, anyone who contributes to the contents of social media is fast growing sprawl of information in the media matrix is a journalist. ” the lines distinguishing journalist from other people who disseminate information, ideas and opinions to wide audience have been blurred, perhaps beyond recognitions.” (Gant, 2011, p.1)

We can only call ourselves journalists to a certain extent, the fact we can blog or upload a post through mobile. We don’t take in the things which can go wrong for example women called Janet Ritz,  explains if we are going to consider the fact we are all journalists. People who use social media and post incorrect information, exposing, sensational, prejudicial or inappropriate or even lead to the conquest of interfering with a manhunt. Don’t realise the damage by causing trouble people are not shield by law.  Is there anything shielding the actual journalists career?  Jeff  Jarvis explains that we are no journalists,  we just plan journalism and should we definition of the journalists who is protected by law?  Jeff tells that to an extent journalist are protected by the law and we have to consider to some degree we can call ourselves journalists.

By understanding that we are all journalist now because of technology, people still need still take in consideration the damage and the efforts social media can have on others.
















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